‘Good Home Location’ During COVID-19

home office desk

This is Sam Kim at Rich Group LLC, Portland OR and I am the licensed real estate broker in Oregon.

Choosing a Home

Today I want to talk about how important to buy the house where the great internet connection is during Corona Pandemic.  Most of our homes are the place to work and enjoy our daily life with online due to lock down from work and schools. 

So we need to have the great internet connections for video conferences for the work and on line learning schools and colleges as well as our daily life of ordering and entertainments. Therefore, the better connectivity of the internet is very crucial to most of us.  I place the three most important factors to your next home buying choice during this unprecedented time.

1. Good location = Good Connection

We need to have the fiber optic network internet connection.  Right now most of us are using the Comcast cable.  But there is fiber optic cable company called Ziply.com (https://get.ziplyfiber.com/).  However, Portland Metro area does not have one and  the City of Portland is negotiating the contract with Google Fiber which is great. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/oct/article/487751

2. Good Location = Great Pick & Delivery Access

Since the various pickup and delivery services are normal life during Pandemic our house must be located to Amazon Now, Instacart, Uber eats, Doordash, Fedex and all other delivery access as well as the grocery and food delivery services.  If your home is located in out of range  you must consider this fact check.

3. Good Location = Secured Neighborhood

As you know there are lots of theft at our door steps in day and night according to Crowd Surveillance data  such as Amazon Ring  and Arlo.  The house tucked in and had privacy will be much better that the house can be shown from the easy access road because they can grab and go your valuable stuffs.

4. Den/Office Space

If there is Den/Office Space in the house that will be the perfect room  for the online work and learning.

I hope you stay and safe and healthy during this Covid 19 Pandemic.  If you have any questions regarding selling or buying houses please feel free to call or text Sam @ 503-810-8949 or email [email protected].  Thank you.